Amezcua: Can he defeat the Don Papi?
Amezcua: Can he defeat the Don Papi?

Santa Ana Mayor-for-Life Miguel Pulido Already Running Scared for Next Year

The big political news over the weekend was the announced candidacy for next year's SanTana mayor's seat by Al Amezcua, an attorney, former Rancho Santiago Community College District trustee, and longtime politico who's easily at home with Aztlanistas as he is with corporate types. He's running, of course, against Mayor-for-Life Don Papi Pulido, who loves to take credit for all the good that happens in the city while never shouldering the blame for any of the bad. Pulido will probably win the election, if only because all the unions and Democratic operatives with whom Al is in good standing will not dare buck the Don Papi...or will they?

Consider the following email Don Papi sent out  this past Friday to folks who had recently received an invitation to Amezcua's first fundraiser at Libreria Martinez Nov. 20:

Dear Friends, Some of you may have recently received an invitation from Al Amezcua for an upcoming fund raiser. Al appears to be planning to run for Mayor of Santa Ana next year.
You should be aware that I fully intend to seek re-election as Mayor next year and I hope I can count on your support (Gustavo note: bold in the original ).
If you have any questions about this please feel free to call me on my private cell 714-PENDEJO.

Okay, so that's not Don Papi's cell--the email did include it, but we're withholding it out of some deluded sense of decorum. But why is Pulido so paranoid about getting in contact with potential donors so soon after Amezcua merely announced his candidacy? What's with the use of bold? And why did local political hack Dennis Desnoo have to send out Don Papi's message to said friends? Couldn't Pulido find and send his plea on his own?

Oh, is this race going to be rich with mud-slinging...stay tuned!


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