Santa Ana Fire Department Reduced to Fliering to Save Itself

Pity the SanTana Fire Department, an agency with a 128-year-old history of serving the needs of the county seat. Times are tough around in all municipalities, but especially in SanTana, where the city faces an eight-figure hole due to an inept city council and the bureaucrats it's hired over the decades.

One of those bureaucrats is interim city manager Paul Walters, who's also SanTana's long-serving police chief. The fire and police department understandably take up a big chunk of the city's annual budget--so which one do you think Walters is thinking should be dissolved and outsourced?

Santa Ana Fire Department Reduced to Fliering to Save Itself

Because of that, the Fire Department is fighting for its life, fighting against the city outsourcing them to the Orange County Fire Authority--but they obviously have yet to hear of the 21st century. Nothing else can explain their campaign to raise public support for itself: leaving fliers around town, as seen above. No Facebook page, no Tumblr, no Twitter--not even a pinche website. Even the flier listed above has no phone number, no email for those possibly interested in saving the department to contact and sign up for the cause. All that it says is to attend the next SanTana city council meeting Jan. 17. Um, okay...

Meanwhile, the SanTana police department has a well-oiled publicity machine and their man with the power to swing the axe onto the chopping block. Bye-bye, SanTana fire :-(...


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