Sandra, Say It Ain't So!

The deep, angry, artificial breathing you hear in the distance?

No, Jim Silva is chewing happily on apple sauce. It's not even James Earl Jones on the set of an upcoming Star Wars flick. It's Orange County's dark political lord Mike "Vader" Schroeder (pictured). At Gulfstream in Newport Beach. In between sips of red wine and cigar puffs. And flicking ashes on Mickadeit's head.

Norberto Santana Jr. over at the Register is reporting that Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has revoked Schroeder's permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW).

Schroeder's weapon isn't always his fat checkbook. This time, it's a handgun he's been allowed to conceal for years thanks to a CCW permit given to him by his pal, former Sheriff Mike Carona.

The gun? The same one 24's Jack Bauer uses to kill terrorists and defend all that's good and God-fearing: a Smith & Wesson 9mm.

Vader--the former head of the California Republican Party and, more importantly, the spouse of Susan Kang Schroeder--tells Santana that he's going to fight Hutchens' move, which is to require all permit holders to prove they have "good cause" to pack heat.

Apparently, the sheriff doesn't think her predecessor's top political adviser has one.

"I have some words for her," Schroeder tells me.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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