Sandra Bullock's a Celebrity Baby Product Endorser and She Likely Doesn't Even Know It

Oscar-winning actress, Jesse James ex- and former Sunset Beach resident Sandra Bullock is a baby bottle pitch woman and she probably doesn't even know it.

A rep for BornFree, which hawks infant products that are "100 percent free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC," sent over the photo after the jump of America's Sweetheart passing through LAX recently with her new baby boy Louis.

As she cradles the boy, you'll notice that she's clutching a bottle.

Oh, but that's not just any bottle, reports the BornFree rep; it's a BornFree 9 0z Bottle.

Then came the pitch:

"Winning an Oscar is one thing but ask any new mom and they'll tell you that taking care of a baby is a whole other feat. Sandra Bullock is undoubtedly realizing this as she cares for her new baby boy, Louis."

Asked whether Bullock is a paid endorser of the amazing baby bottle, the rep said, "Nope."

By the way, she's caring for more than just Little Louie, BornFree pitch person.

There are reports that Bullock is going to continue helping to raise James' children, in particular his young daughter Sunny from the lugnut's second wife, porn star and former Seal Beach resident Janine Lindemulder.

Wotta mensch!


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