San Diego Minuteman Head Urges Violence Against O.C. Activist

Naui Huitzilopochtli has been a long-time fixture in Orange County progressive activism, first as a mere protester but increasingly as perhaps Orange County's most prolific political YouTuber. His incessant hectoring of Know Nothings has made Naui Dirty Mexican #1 amongst local anti-illegals activists, with all types of online insults and doctored videos ridiculing him for various actions.

But no one seems to have it in more for Naui than Orange County native Jeff Schwilk, head of the San Diego Minutemen and a man so noxious that I'll merely link to this Southern Poverty Law Center blog post and urge you to click through their stories on him. Schwilk is getting ready for the big John & Ken rally this Saturday and is urging attendees to assault Naui. "If you go, bring your mace for Naui!" Schwilk wrote in an email to supporters. "You can bet he'll be there with his anti-American buddies. He was in Phx. Saturday for a big goon march."

That "goon march," by the way, was a rally against Phoenix-area sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has cost Maricopa County taxpayers more than $42 million in lawsuits over wrongful deaths and all sorts of non-related illegal-immigrant horrors in his jails. Nice to know Schwilk supports taxpayer leeches!

Below is Schwilk (the guy in the white hat toward the end) mouthing off against Naui. Say what you will about Barbara Coe and Jim Gilchrist, but at least they don't have such a filthy mouth like Schwilk.


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