Samuel Oscar Montes Could Get 50 Years for Alleged Murder of Mother of His Three Young Children

Samuel Oscar Montes, who is accused of fatally shooting the mother of his three children in front of the 3-year-old boy, 1-year-old girl and 1-month-old boy, faces charges that could put him in prison for 50 years to life, prosecutors say. The 20-year-old Anaheim man is scheduled to be arraigned Friday on one felony count each of murder and possession of a controlled substance and three felony counts of child abuse and endangerment with a sentencing enhancement for the personal discharge of a firearm causing death.

Montes is currently being held in lieu of $1 million bail pending his arraignment hearing at the Central Jail in Santa Ana.

Montes is alleged to have come home around 2:30 p.m. on Aug. 27, gotten into an argument with his 20-year-old girlfriend Nicole Gutierrez and having the clash escalate into a fight about having a gun in the house in front of their three children.

During the argument, Montes is said to have taken hold of the gun, which went off and struck Gutierrez in the head. Montes is accused of then fleeing the residence. The sound of the gunshot produced a call to Anaheim Police, who investigated and soon arrested Montes, who was allegedly carrying methamphetamine at the time.


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