Sad End for Deer That Bolted Through Laguna

Quick poll: Which is sadder?

1) The mother deer's death in Bambi.

b) The wayward deer's death in Laguna Beach Wednesday afternoon.

The deer ran through a clothing store and pharmacy in town around 4 p.m.

Bolting out of the second store, the deer then smashed into a car.

Sad End for Deer That Bolted Through Laguna

It ran toward the beach, across the sand and into the surf.

Animal control officers jumped in to get the swimming deer, which made its way out of the surf and into a nearby ocean cave.

Officers went inside and one gave the dying deer CPR.

They then carried the deer to the sand, where it died.

Considering the number of times dying deer are seen at the side of Laguna Canyon Road--some the victims of hit-and-run, others being soothed by mortified drivers--it's a wonder the beast made it that far before taking its final breath.

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