Ryan Seacrest Leaves Children's Hospital of OC Without Anyone Trying to Kill Him

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and KISS-FM host

Ryan Seacrest

returned to Children's Hospital of Orange County on Monday to brighten the days of young patients, broadcast his radio show live and seek $5 donations to CHOC from listeners.

The teeny broadcaster, who also visited CHOC in September 2009, was reportedly surrounded this time by cast members from the Disney Channel's Hanna Montana, MTV's The Buried Life and ABC's Modern Family and Dancing With The Stars.

Perhaps Seacrest's entourage had mad nunchuku skills because no one tried to kill him this time.

Benjamin Uzomah Jr. just couldn't stay away from the little guy.
Benjamin Uzomah Jr. just couldn't stay away from the little guy.

Benjamin Uzomah Jr. just couldn't stay away from the little guy.

On Sept. 13, 2009, Army Reserves sergeant

Chidi Benjamin Uzomah Jr.

attacked a security guard protecting Seacrest as he left the same fund-raiser at the children's hospital in Orange. Seacrest was unaware of the fracas.

Then, on Oct. 2 of last year, Uzomah, a Special Forces-trained 25-year-old residing in Lakewood, came looking for Seacrest at the offices in Burbank where he tapes his KISS-FM and E! Entertainment shows.

That same month, Uzomah pleaded guilty in Orange County Superior Court to misdemeanor assault, battery and possession of a switchblade knife two or more inches long. He was was sentenced to 15 days in jail, three years probation and ordered to stay away from CHOC and Seacrest.

However, on Oct. 30, 2009, Uzomah was armed with a knife when he walked into the lobby of the E! Entertainment building, where he was detained by security guards before being handed over to LAPD officers for arrest.

At Uzomah's subsequent LA court hearing, Seacrest told the judge, "His aggressive and violent efforts to come into physical contact with me are extremely frightening to me. They have jeopardized not only my personal safety but also the safety and well-being of those around me."

Seacrest sought a restraining order that day against Uzomah, who faced one felony count of stalking the star and two misdemeanor counts of attempted disobeying of a court order. Uzomah was sentenced in June to two years in state prison and ordered to stay clear of Seacrest for 10 years.

The Army apologized to Seacrest for the actions of its 426th Civil Affairs Battalion member.

So, here's to Seacrest braving the potential nutbars in the bushes to return to Orange and raise an additional $30,000 for CHOC this week.


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