Not Warren but a likeness
Not Warren but a likeness

Rule No. 6 & 7 to Get Caught Using Fake Credit at Best Buy

--As a suspicious clerk watches, repeatedly look at your cell phone to recall what social security number to use and, still, repeatedly, botch the number.

Six times police have sent career criminal Antwoine Israel Warren to a California prison before his 2008 trip to a Downey Best Buy store, where three times during a two-day period he tried to open a $1,800 credit line in the name of another man. 

On the third attempt, Warren was unable to correctly enter a social security number into an electronic keypad even though he was using his cell phone to recall the number. 

The clerk called police, who arrested him and discovered he was carrying a fake driver's license too. 

Now, Warren is serving his seventh stint--this one for 32 months--in prison.  

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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