Ruffed Up

To the chick playing basketball at the Garden Grove Recreation Center park in February: You look like you've got game, but what you don't have is a clue. Who brings to a park a German shepherd that will lunge out at an innocent dog? Just because your dog is tied to a tree doesn't make it right. It took about 30 square inches of skin off my dog just for walking by. The screwed-up part about the whole incident was your attitude. All you could say was "I can't believe you didn't see my dog." There was no "I'm sorry" or "Is your dog okay?" Even the other players on the court were stunned at what had just happened, especially after seeing all of that pink flesh on my dog. When my husband asked for your number, the look on your face explained why you quickly left the scene of the crime without giving it to us. I bet your dog has done this before. It's probably good that you left because I was ready get my game on and bite/fight back! Both you and your dog should be muzzled when out in public!


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