Roseanne Barr Defends Disneyland Hotel Workers in Video That Compares Disney to Osama bin Laden

In their bitter fight to bring down the Mouse, Disneyland Resort hotel workers have gotten a new loud-mouthed champion: Roseanne Barr.

The comedian/national-anthem-destroyer stars in a video produced by labor union UNITE HERE Local 11 that accuses Disney of "stealing from widows and orphans" and urges Academy Award members to not vote for Toy Story 3 as Best Picture of the Year (though it's probably a little late for that--the Oscars are on Sunday). The labor union has long claimed that Disney overworks and underpays the hotel's dishwashers, bellmen, laundry attendants and housekeepers.

See the video after the jump.

In the video, Barr has a heart-to-heart chat with "Micky Mouth," as he expresses his inner turmoil over the situation. During their talk, Micky compares the Walt Disney Co. to Osama Bin Laden.  

Barr: You're trying to sell out to Disney, right? But they've got any number of sellouts; why would they need to add you? Have you ever thought that maybe you're on the wrong side of everything? You're supporting a huge corporation that is trying to cut the wages of the people who clean their hotels and take away their health care, maybe you should switch it to do more pro-family, pro-people, pro-worker, pro-constituent . . .

Micky Mouth: I think Toy Story 3 should get an Academy Award.

Barr: 'Cause okay, you're saying that Disney has a really good message, but yet Disney Corporation is cutting, is stealing from widows and orphans, basically.

Micky Mouth: But if Osama bin Laden made a great movie . . .

Barr: So people might vote against a corporation even if it's a good movie. That's what you're saying, huh? That would be a good thing.

The union has previously created an anti-Oscar campaign video, held guerrilla protests and created the website No Toy Story 3. Spokesperson Leigh Sheldon has said that members will even show up in costume at the Oscars to protest the film.   


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