Ronald Allen Bramlett Gets Prison for White Supremacist-on-Black Male Hate Assault in Costa Mesa. No, Not That One, The Other One

The Weekly's intrepid investigative reporter R. Scott Moxley and I were confused when word came down today that a white supremacist had been sentenced to eight years in prison for an unprovoked assault on a black male outside a Costa Mesa store last December.

Last December? Didn't that incident happen a few years ago?

Turns out we were confusing our unprovoked assaults by white supremacists on black males outside stores in OC's first "Rule of Law City."

Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Costa Mesa party!
Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Costa Mesa party!

See, 23-year-old white supremacist Ronald Bray of Huntington Beach punched the face of an African American man who was confined to a wheelchair outside a Costa Mesa convenience store in 2006. (See here.)

White supremacist Ronald Allen Bramlett is 65, his victim was a 16-year-old black boy and they were outside a CVS Pharmacy at 1835 Newport Blvd.

The kid and three friends were standing outside there about 8 p.m. Dec. 29 when Bramlett, whom the group did not know, approached and called the 16-year-old derogatory racial names, including "dirty nigger."

The white-trash transient also claimed to be a member of a white supremacist gang and that, as such, the 16-year-old had no right to look at him because he has blond hair and blue eyes.

A witness intervened and tried to stand between the boy and Bramlett, telling the old cracker to back off. But Bramlett instead challenged the 16-year-old to a fight, whipped out a knife and threatened the lad by saying, "I'm going to cut you up into little pieces, boy."

Fortunately, the 16-year-old got out of there, the witness' wife called police and Bramlett was arrested at a nearby store.

Hey, maybe it was Bray's convenience store.

Guess we better get used to the confusion when it comes to cases like this: Costa Mesa cops let it slip during reporting on the first assault that several white supremacist gangs operate in Rule of Lawsville.


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