Ron Thomas Hopes Fullerton Police Officers Who Killed His Son Are So Scared of Threats That "They Have Diarrhea Every Day"

Yesterday was one of the less-attended weekend protests outside the Fullerton Police Station for their killing of Kelly Thomas--just about 150 people showed up on a baking Saturday afternoon. That didn't bother Kelly's father, Ron, at all.

"I'm glad that these people were dedicating these beautiful Saturdays to bring justice for my son" he told Weekly correspondent Ed Carrasco. "I can't expect all of them to come out every week and they deserve a break. It doesn't mean that they're not for the cause at all."

The big mainstream-media story in the Kelly Thomas murder this week (since none will pick up Friends for Fullerton's Future recent interview of a witness) was the refusal by the Orange County District Attorney's office to publicly release the names of the six officers involved in Kelly's beating death because they're supposedly receiving death threats. To that, Ron had something rather wonderful to say.

One of 150 protesters yesterday outside the Fullerton Police Station
One of 150 protesters yesterday outside the Fullerton Police Station
Ed Carrasco

"I don't care if they're afraid or running for their lives," Ron told Carrasco. "I hope they're so afraid they have diarrhea every day. What rights did my son have? They killed him right on the spot. They took away my son's civil rights. I will do everything I can to [get] the Officer's Bill of Rights rewritten. There may be no intent for murder but there was blatant malice. Why are these men with guns and full pay? They should be taken off with no pay."

The other development at yesterday's protest was plans by some to protest OC DA Tony Rackauckas' office for his refusal to release the police officers' names. "It's good to put pressure on the Fullerton Police Department, but now it's time to put pressure on the District Attorney," Joey Cadavid told Carrasco. "Not one has signed up to keep the DA accountable. It's the DA's responsibility to prosecute these bad cops...The way the officers [beat Kelly] shows that they're not just capable of murder, but they can do it sadistically."

The Weekly's previous coverage of Thomas' death:


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