Ron Paul Fights Ho Chi Minh in Little Saigon!

Yes, the Paul-bots--the political Juggalos whose obsessive behavior manages to turn off reasonable people who might otherwise agree with their candidate--have certainly been busy. Not content simply to take over a panel at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books or desperately demonstrate their relevance on the Yorba Linda overpass of the 57 freeway, they've been taking liberties with art. The result is an extremely artistic sign attached to a chain-link fence on Euclid Street in Garden Grove in Little Saigon.

Ron Paul Fights Ho Chi Minh in Little Saigon!
Dave Lieberman

Ron Paul: he fought for freedom in Saigon, and now he fights for freedom in Little Saigon!

Notice the use of the red stripes on yellow background, like the South Vietnamese flag. Ron Paul, freedom fighter against Communism, whether at home or abroad!

No information, no website, no plank; just his name on a South Vietnamese flag, as though Vietnamese-Americans are going to be so swayed by this image that their internal dialogue goes, "I don't know whom to vote for, but Ron Paul had his name on the flag of free Vietnam, so therefore I'd better vote for him!"

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