Rohrabacher, the Reg & the Accused Boy Molester

>The Orange County Register, the place where local Republican politicians see their press releases in print, reported on Friday that Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is steaming again.

This time Rohrabacher is upset that he's been linked to an accused serial child molester: Jeffrey Nielsen.

The Congressman lied in the "newspaper" article, not once but twice:

Fairy Tale #1: Rohrabacher said Nielsen worked for him for a few months after Nielsen graduated from college.

Reality: Rohrabacher handpicked Nielsen to relocate from Orange County to Virginia and serve as his congressional aide in D.C. While working for Rohrabacher for more than half a year, Nielsen allegedly spent his spare time molesting a 7th-grade boy.

Fairy Tale #2: Rohrabacher said he had no idea what Nielsen did in his personal life.

Reality: Rohrabacher vouched for Nielsen's character in a personal letter of recommendation he wrote to get his hand-picked pal into USC's law school.

Oddly, both of these facts were missing from the Reg story. However, they are contained in previous articles I've written about the Nielsen case, a case which the DA's office--a place where Nielsen once worked--has allowed to stall for 42 months without a trial. For more on Jeffrey Ray Nielsen (or as we like to call him, "the alleged Republican pedophile"), check out the following:

NAMBLA Fantasy - October 6, 2005

'Our Thing' - September 28, 2006

Accused GOP Pedophile Ties DA to Blackmail Plot - October 4, 2006

(Hey Dana: If you can stop yourself from launching into one of your tiresome, arrogant rants, give me a call again. You have my number.)


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