Rohrabacher Going Down To Defeat in November?

After pondering a posting tonight at by Gila Jones, I'm guessing that Orange County Republican pollsters have worrisome data that raises concerns about the safety of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's re-election chances in November.

An enigma wrapped in lies, a temper, quixotic brain functions, shameless self-promotion, questionable personal habits, margarita breath and a dress code likely suggested by a well-meaning but drunk Frank Mickadeit, Rohrabacher is, by any reasonable measure, the one GOPer county Democrats should be able to unseat.

Yet, Dem efforts to date have been pathetic. He's easily won election after election for nearly two decades. It didn't help that after the last U.S. Census Democrat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez used her influence with Democrats in the state legislature to strengthen Rohrabacher's gerrymandered California coastal district in an behind the scenes game of incumbency protection.

Now, Huntington Beach Mayor Debbie Cook is set to take on Rohrabacher and Michael J. Schroeder--Rohrabacher pal, GOP heavyweight and plotting political mastermind--is attempting to convince the court system that Cook can't call herself "mayor" on the ballot. His reasoning? Cook was elected to the position by the HB city council, not the public.

You don't say?

Perhaps Schroeder is just bored and waiting for the next USC football season. Then again, perhaps internal Republican pollings suggests local voters are finally tired of the pro-war, pro-status quo crew and Rohrabacher's campaign is looking for ways to put Cook on the defensive from the outset.

-- R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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