Rohrabacher and Rejection (Fear and Impotence edition)

So why doesn't Dana Rohrabacher want to talk to his Democratic counterparts in California's congressional delegation in bipartisan meetings?  Sure, we've heard the official version-- and based on that, I concluded Wednesday morning it was probably just another case of small-minded partisanship.  But on Wednesday afternoon, the Surfin' Congressman appeared on CNN's Nativist Variety Hour Lou Dobbs Tonight, and let loose a bleat of wounded pride.  And now that the transcript is available, I have to wonder if there is another reason Dana rejects the meetings.  Maybe Dana's real problem is fear of rejection.

Admittedly, fear of rejection is a problem more often associated with teenage girls than Surfin' Congressmen, but consider what Dana told Lou Dobbs:

ROHRABACHER: I used to call the White House during the Clinton years and I would get a call back from high level administration officials or the president himself would call me a number of times. This president doesn't return calls and underlings, way down the line, return the calls of elected Congressmen. That's arrogance.

Dana, Dana, Dana… true, the Democrats are more powerful than you now, but that doesn't mean they'll treat you as badly as the leader of your own party treats you.  The Dems are the party of Clinton, after all.   And Clinton was good to you, no matter how rude you were about him.

So that's where poor Dana finds himself at the moment.  He doesn't want to attend bipartisan meetings with the Democrats who control Congress, and nobody at the White House above the rank of pool boy wants to talk to him.

Experts warn that fear of rejection can lead to impotence.  Nobody wants an politically impotent congressman.  Don't be afraid to reach out for help, Representative Rohrabacher.

(h/t  Jim Washburn)


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