Roger Mahony Calls Family of Sex-Abuse Victim, Victim "Illegal Aliens"

Roger Mahony Calls Family of Sex-Abuse Victim, Victim "Illegal Aliens"

For years, the greatest shield Archdiocese of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony has used to protect his pedo-priest-protecting ass from the full wrath of the public is Mexicans, specifically of the illegal kind. His Eminence blesses marches for LA's many amnesty rallies, has spoken out against Proposition 187, SB 1070, and many other Know Nothing resolutions--and that's a good thing.

Critics have long claimed Mahony does this only out of convenience given the demographic future of the Catholic Church, and I actually now finally believe that after reading a whopper of a disclosure in a deposition just released that's gaining national attention.

The deposition--taken Jan. 25 of this year for a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of a sex-abuse victim by Newport Beach attorney John Manly, who has proven as much as an annoyance to Mahony as he has to Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown--proves again and again what a pedo-apologist and protector the leader of Southern California's Catholics are, but that's not a new story. To me, the biggest shock came early in the deposition, when Manly asked Mahony what did he do when a priest confessed that he had molested boys. "He told me that they were two families of illegal aliens and they had left the Los Angeles area," Mahony responded.

"Illegal aliens"?! NO Aztlanista would ever refer to them as such, and even Mahony has never uttered those words in public, to my knowledge. No, he calls illegal immigrants what they are--"immigrants." Why would Mahony resort to such a nasty term to refer to his flock--members of his flock whose children were raped repeatedly? Could it be he's actually privately of the Barbara Coe persuasion? And will any Aztlanista criticize Mahony for his choice of words? Is Brownie a friend of sex-abuse survivors?

Oh, and for the record: Mahony also told Manly he didn't bother to try and find those two families and the sex-abuse survivors--you know, because who cares about Mexicans unless they can deliver the tithes and nalgas in the pews?


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