Robert Morey Retires--Praise the Lord!

The self-aggrandizing, pompous, rude, resume-stretching, hilarious, self-proclaimed expert on Islam "Dr." Robert Morey gave his last sermon yesterday at Faith Community Church in Irvine. Even in retirement, however, Morey couldn't help but be his old, anti-Christ self: he held a 50% off sale of his books. And we're glad to say that, months after our Morey coverage, quite a few blogs have popped up exposing Morey for the man he is: The Saint Augustinian, Self-Feeder Christian Blog, True Faith Defender, and a long timeline of just one recent Morey nightmare; the latter three, by the way, have more documents than a EIR. O, happy day. More on Morey this week, but first, another little avenue documenting Morey and his vile ways:


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