Robert Morey Has Indoctrinated Flock for Weeks on His Superiority

We've been covering the craziness over at Faith Community Church in Irvine (led by documented truth-stretcher Robert Morey) for the past couple of days, and the funniest thing about the entire episode is how Morey and his minions only insist everything is fine to the point of deleting dissension from their blog. "We who actually attend Faith Community Church don’t see any schism or confusion in the church," Morey wrote on this blog.

That's not what Morey has been preaching at FCC for over a month, though. Since February 24, Morey has lectured almost weekly about what the New Testament teaches on eldership, a not-so-veiled to convince FCC faithful that blind obedience to him is a biblical mandate. We'd love to post Morey's rambling sermons, but FCC's page of his recordings mysteriously disappeared overnight (the roll call can be found through Google's cache, but not the actual recordings--if someone has them, please post them here). And the lectures continue: last Sunday, Morey talked about eldership yet again, according to an FCC member. Calling the Movementarians...


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