The tires were slashed on this OCC Campus Safety vehicle.
The tires were slashed on this OCC Campus Safety vehicle.
Clayton Spivey

Robert Bouton "McDeplorable" McDougal Faces More Crimes for OCC Incidents

A former Orange Coast College student (and continuing alt-right moron) is facing additional criminal counts for allegedly vandalizing campus property and violating court orders to stay away from the institution.

However, despite accusations of yelling racial slurs at a security officer, 21-year-old Costa Mesa resident Robert Bouton "McDeplorable" McDougal is not facing any hate-crime charges.

"At this time, the Orange County District Attorney's office is not filing any hate crime charges in this case," reads an OCDA advisory. "Hate crime charges are specific intent crimes that require proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant's actions were substantially motivated by his or her bias; this requirement was not met due to insufficient evidence in this case."

What there obviously is evidence of, at least in the view of prosecutors, is felony vandalism with damage of $400 or more as well as misdemeanor disturbing a public school, remaining on campus without consent, two counts of resisting and obstructing an officer and five counts of violating a protective order.

Those are the charges McDougal now faces after the original complaint filed March 29 againsthim was amended on Monday, says the OCDA, which adds the lad could get up to three years in state prison if he is convicted in the West Justice Center in Westminster, where he has a scheduled June 20 pretrial hearing.

Click on the Twitter credit for more on the views of Robert McDougal, who also posts as "Robert McDeplorable."
Click on the Twitter credit for more on the views of Robert McDougal, who also posts as "Robert McDeplorable."

Here is the timeline the OCDA lays out for McDougal's alleged mini-OCC crime spree:

-On Feb. 27, he allegedly disturbed a public school by running into his former professor's classroom and shouting "nigger" at the campus security officer who subdued him. That led OCC administrators to suspend McDougal for two years and obtain a court order preventing him from stepping onto the campus or having contact with his former professor.

-Several times between April 21 and May 25, and despite the court order, McDougal allegedly returned to the campus.

-On March 7, he is accused of remaining on campus without consent and resisting and obstructing an officer when being removed.

-On or about March 13, McDougal allegedly vandalized two campus safety vehicles with obscenities, including a swastika and racial slur, and slashing their tires.

During that last incident, an OCC campus security officer approached the alleged vandal, who then fled the scene. The Costa Mesa Police Department was then notified and McDougal was arrested at his home later that day.

The original incident in February that started this whole thing? The Daily Pilot reports McDougal was upset that his chemistry instructor did not give him an A on an exam. The suspect, who had dropped the course but allegedly burst into the classroom while it was full of students to loudly complain about not being able to retake the test with a calculator, originally received a B, according to reporter Priscella Vega.


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