Warren: Bustin' out his righteous pimp hand?
Warren: Bustin' out his righteous pimp hand?

Rick and Kay Warren Bitch-Slap Prominent Christian Commentator about AIDS

It's rare that we ever offer kind words about Saddleback Church's Rick Warren--scratch that, I do believe this is the first time EVER we'll ever offer kind words about Purpose-Driven® Rick. But we praise the good 'round here, and that's exactly what Warren and his wife, Kay, have done in taking on the lunatics over at the American Family Association, that infamous group of haters created by arch-moral Know Nothing James Dobson.

The topic? A pet cause of the Warrens: AIDS.

The Warrens have been fighting the scourge of AIDS--specifically in Africa--for years now, stressing abstinence above condom use, as if that's somehow a plausible strategy in this carnal world. But one thing they've never blamed AIDS on is gay men, Christianity's ultimate bogeyman and the particular obsession of Bryan Fischer, some douchebag associated with the AFA. Last month on his Focal Point radio program Fischer interviewed Peter Duesberg, one of the main pushers of the ridiculous theory that HIV doesn't cause AIDS, that "lifestyle choices" does (read: homos bring it on themselves because all they do is fuck and take drugs).

Fischer, the God's-children hater that he is ("While the average heterosexual has somewhere between seven to 14 sexual partners in a lifetime, it is not uncommon for homosexuals to have hundreds, even thousands, of sexual partners," he wrote), endorsed Duesberg's view and told the AFA's audience of millions of sheep as such. But according to the Christian Post, the Warrens didn't even know of Fischer's endorsement until Kay did a simple Google search. Ever since then, however, they've launched a full-frontal assault against Duesberg but especially Fischer.

Fischer: Wonder if he has the same sweater maker as Paul Crouch...
Fischer: Wonder if he has the same sweater maker as Paul Crouch...

"Why [Fischer] would believe this one man over [99 percent of scientists who say HIV and HIV alone causes AIDS] I can't even begin to speculate," she told the Post. "Since there are enough Americans who still believe that 30 plus years later, to have someone espouse this kind of a misinformation is frightening to me." Kay and Rick also released a statement calling the views of Duesberg (and, by association, Fischer) "deadly" and that, "To imply the disease is caused by anything besides HIV is quack science, like claiming the earth is flat, or the moon is made of cheese."

Per the Post:

People that promote "this whole idea that it is all about promiscuity or that it's all about homosexuality or all about drug use, really don't understand how HIV is transmitted," she stressed.  "Jesus didn't ever take the bait [from Pharisees] to try to pin somebody's actions on why they were sick. He just said, 'How can I help?' You will never find in the New Testament where Jesus said, 'What did you do? Did you sin here or were you sinned against?' He just said, 'What do you need? How can I help you? Do you want to be well?'"

Fischer--who claims gay men still use poppers, which combined with anal sex leave them at higher risk of contracting AIDS--isn't backing down and is ratcheting up the attacks against the Warrens. "It's worthy of note that Pastor Warren has been duped by another supposed scientific consensus, the one on the human causation of global warming," he wrote on his blog yesterday. "Warren was wrong on the global warming scam, and he is wrong on the AIDS scam."

Again: never thought we'd reach this point, but KEEP YOUR PIMP HAND STRONG, SLICK RICK.


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