Richard Nixon Library is g-a-y Gay!

The Richard Nixon Presidential Museum and Library in Yorba Linda is gay, gay, gay.

That's what New Yorkers must believe after recent pieces in their most venerable publications, The New Yorker and the New York Times.

The New Yorker posts on an anticipated boon to California's wedding industry if Prop 8 is ever defeated.

Michael Willms, a gay Los Angeles wedding planner, tells The New Yorker's Dana Goodyear that same-sex ceremonies are going on--with or without the state ban.

"We just did a fabulous wedding at the Nixon Library for a gay couple who have been together 15 years," Willms reportedly said. "They have a replica of the East Wing of the White House there."

That they do, and it is faaaaaaaabulous!

(Incidentally, Goodyear began her piece by noting federal Judge Vaughn Walker, the Prop 8 pariah, as a private practice lawyer represented the U.S. Olympic Committee in a suit against the Gay Olympics--and even put a lien against the home of the founder, who was dying of AIDS.)

The New Yorker piece came hot on the heels of a story Moxley blogged about where Nixon Library director Timothy Naftali tells the New York Times' Adam Nagourney, "Think about it: I am not a Nixon loyalist. I am not even a Republican. I am gay. I am from Canada. I was 12 years old when Richard Nixon resigned. I have no skin in the game."

That article was about a feud between Naftali and his National Archives staff that runs the facility and the Dick-loyalist Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace Foundation that raises funds for it.

The foundation does not like the more truthful Watergate exhibit Naftali is putting in to replace the whitewash version first installed by the Dick lovers. "It's the last fight over Watergate," Naftali tells Nagourney.

Hey, wasn't Naftali the one who brought Gore Vidal to the Nixon Library?

The gay agenda thickens!

Speaking of gay plots, here's an oldie but goody: a dissertation on queerdom by the Dickmeister himself:


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