Rich Kane Called It

Yesterday, SqueezeOC's overlords announced that the thin "alternative" *cough, wheeze* weekly was leaving the print world and taking up permanent residence in its online abode.

Today, our new ME, Rich Kane, informs us that two years ago - this month - the rag was launched, and he predicted it had exactly two years to live. His words on the launch of Squeeze:

"So this is what an abortion wrapped up in slick paper looks like. This is what happens when you mix two already infamously crappy regional pubs -- I'm thinking OC Metro and Orange Coast Magazine -- and goose it up with the impossible blandness of the Reg. Voila: SqueezeOC."

He also dissects the first issue, and comes up with a list of indicators of its probable demise. Read that over at his blog.

"SqueezeOC -- a mag only retarded frat boys could love. I give this beast a two-year run before the Reg pulls the plug." Rich's next gig will be reading palms...or tea leaves, or something.


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