Rhyming Rackauckas!

Who knew District Attorney Tony Rackauckas would resort to rhyme during an interview?

But first let's gather 'round and hear Rackauckas on his R-rated Wild Kingdom, Orange County:

"African dogs . . . not any individual dog would present much of a threat to a large beast (I presume civilized society would be the beast in this example) like a zebra or wildebeest," the DA told The Orange County Register for its impressive June 3 investigative piece on how California counties differ on prosecuting teenage hoodlums as adults. "But they chase it down. They attack it together. One of them might grab his ankle. Another might grab the nose. Pretty soon they pull it down. The next thing you know, they are eating it."

Then the DA let this doozy rip: "An entire pack was acting like a pack. That's the way gangs act."

Did Rackauckas—whom I've previously described as "swinging wildly between wooden and stiff"—accidentally stumble into the rhyme? Or was the sinister, diamond-laced hand of OCDA media guru Susan Kang Schroeder at play here? She initially was mum to our question. But later offered this: "Tony's obviously been watching lots of Discovery Channel with his young son."

Anyway, if you haven't read "Justice By Geography" by reporters Jennifer B. McKim and Monica Rohr, it's worth the time.


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