Revenge of the Anti-Teabagger

In light of all the teabagging going on today, the Weekly's Favorite Lefty Who Leads a Jazz Trio, Ron Kobayashi, wonders why the teabaggers' corporate sponsor, Fox News, "failed to organize any protests when George W. Bush created $500 billion budget deficits by spending more than any president before him." Kobayashi also finds it interesting that, "Conservatives, the ones who complain the loudest about government spending and taxation, are the ones who use the MOST government, tax supported programs." He then ticks off the following:

1) They drive on government built roads, bridges and freeways paid by tax money.
2) They use government sponsored FDIC insurance on their bank accounts.
3) They use government police and fire services paid by tax money.
4) They got their education from government run public elementary/high schools paid by tax money.
5) They even probably went to a community college funded mostly by tax money.
6) They eat at restaurants that are kept safe by government run health departments paid by tax money.
7) They check out free books from government run public libraries paid by tax money.
8) They have flown on airlines controlled by government funded Air Traffic Controllers paid by tax money.
9) They have probably collected government unemployment insurance at some time.
10) And they probably are or will benefit from government run, tax supported Social Security payments.

Kobayashi then asks, "When will Conservatives stop feeding off the government trough?"

Methinks tightwad Right-tards won't be plunking anything into Kobayashi's tip jar anytime soon.


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