Schuller: Maybe those $45 hamburgers were too much.
Schuller: Maybe those $45 hamburgers were too much.

Rev. Robert Schuller Wants Your Money For His Wild Spending

It was only a matter of time before millionaire Rev. Robert H. Schuller of Garden Grove's Crystal Cathedral was once again seeking charity from those less fortunate than himself.

Yep, he's got an incredibly comfortable life and he wildly spent more than a whopping $50 million he didn't have. I can't remember the Bible verse on the topic, but now he wants you to cover his excessive spending.

Pay attention: Failure to pay for Schuller's comforts could result in your eternal damnation, no?

And there's no doubt you'll fork over your hard-earned money to him.

Send your checks to: Schuller Bailout, 12141 Lewis Street, Garden Grove, CA 92840.

The OC Register reported that Schuller's sermon today focused on seeking a bailout for his excessive spending habits and stiffing numerous small businesses.

Schuller's daughter, who is financially vested in the business, promised that the family will obey religious teachings if people donate more money.

Oddly, while the church is seeking a massive cash infusion, it's also claiming on its website that it is the experiencing its "best cash flow in . . . 10 years."


Over the decades, Schuller, who converted televangelism into a $100 million-plus fortune, has made no secret of his support for Republican politicians because, in his view, they follow Biblical principles about thrifty finances and conservative lifestyles.

In another sign of Schuller's lack of judgment, he championed Mike Carona before the deceitful Orange County sheriff was arrested by the FBI and IRS for corruption. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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