Republican Senator: Make Border Security More Like Disneyland!

Currently on Capitol Hill, there's a raging debate over what kind of amnesty will America get shoved down its throat (or, conversely, up its tucchus). But you know you're starting to enter the silly season when a U.S. senator starts hailing Disney's entry system for its theme parks as a model on which to create a better United States border and port of entry system for immigrants and visitors.

That's what John Cornyn, Republican senator from Texas just proposed at a hearing on the subject. Telling a packed house of onlookers, he noted, "If biometric systems are good enough for the Magic Kingdom, they're good enough for the USA." He's referring, of course, to Disneyland's recently instituted efforts to take pictures of parkgoers to ensure that people don't pass along tickets among each other.

He got the idea from Marco Rubio (R - Coñoland), who was thinking of his state's Magic Kingdom, Disney World. But Cornyn's comment drew immediate ridicule from folks, especially his fellow senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), who noted that Disneyland has two points of entry, while the United States has 329. But the best line of the day belonged to my friend Aura Bogado, a reporter with The Nation, who went there and said on Twitter "how Mickey Mouse this whole debate is in Washington."

HA! On a serious note, though, if America's politicians want the U.S. to turn more like Disneyland, run to Mexico--oh, wait, Disney's trying to get in there, too...

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