Report: Lou Correa Ate With Oil Industry Execs at $13K Dinner Before Key Fracking Bill Vote

Even though California State Senator Lou Correa (D-SanTana/Anacrime) has long gotten the pointy end of the stick from us over the years, he has always been affable toward me. And I'm sure he'll continue to be affable toward me after this post, which only confirms what we've said all along: Correa is more DINO than a T-Rex.

The latest proof of this happened in September, when Correa joined other DINOS in the state Legislature at a dinner sponsored by the Western States Petroleum Association just a week before the Senate and Assembly voted on Senate Bill 4, which sought to ease regulations against fracking in California. Unsurprisingly, Correa voted for it.

Total tab for the dinner? $13,000. Damn! Whatever happened to that Chinese restaurant a previous generation of Sacramento pols hobnobbed at?

The Sacramento Bee got the scoop, along with the revelation that it wasn't the first time Correa tapped into that gusher--last year, he attended another Western States dinner to the tune of nearly $11,000.

In Correa's defense, though, I've never thought of him as a pay-to-play type of guy. Even if the oil execs hadn't treated him to overpriced steaks, he'd still would've sided with them. That's our DINO Lou!

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