Caucasian students fear competition?
Caucasian students fear competition?

Report: Little Saigon School Official Suggests Caucasian, Black and Latino Students Fear Vietnamese Competition

Lan Quoc Nguyen, the vice president of the Garden Grove Unified School District, recently told a Vietnamese newspaper based in Little Saigon that non-Asian students fear attending classes with Vietnamese and other Asian students because "they can't compete."

This report ("School Board VP: Other Ethnicities Wary of Asian/Viet Students") was highlighted on Wednesday by online news site The site is run by Hao-Nhien Vu, an editor at Nguoi Viet Daily News, which ran the original story in Vietnamese. 

Nguyen was asked, "Some people think that children going to schools with a lot of Vietnamese American students will not be as good as going to schools of mostly native white students. Is that a misplaced prejudice?"

According to, the school board official responded, "My experience shows 
that the thought is not correct. The proof is, students from other ethnicities really fear and respect Asian students, including Vietnamese students; and they think that in a class with too many Asian students they won't be able to compete . . ."

Nguyen is building an impressive resume for controversy. In 2008, he went on a Little Saigon radio station to preposterously brand Supervisor Janet Nguyen a communist because, in part, of her ties to the president of the Vietnam Business Association, which encourages trade between the U.S. and its former Southeast Asian enemy. 

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--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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