Royce: Olympic-size fickleness
Royce: Olympic-size fickleness

Rep. Ed Royce Nails Olympic Backflip!

Ed Royce, the Orange County congressman who claims blocking consumer financial protections from sneaky Wall Street bankers is actually a pro-consumer stance, has found another topic to fumble.

This month at Red County blog, the Fullerton Republican blasted President Barack Obama for committing an "Olympic size snub" by not attending the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Obama missed an opportunity to have "a warm and fuzzy visit" with foreign leaders, according to Royce.

But just four months ago, Royce slammed Obama's 2009 Copenhagen trip to lobby for Chicago winning the future Olympic games. He called the trip "an Olympic-sized wake up call" and argued that Obama shouldn't have tried to be buddies with foreigners, who are--he said--determined to embarrass the U.S.

How to explain the congressman's perfectly performed flip-flop, er, backflip? The following tidbit might shed light. Royce is the man who took credit for getting Senator John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his 2008 presidential campaign running mate--or at least he did with Orange County media during Palin's first glowing weeks and before she cracked under the national spotlight.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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