Remember Reagan's School Speech? The One Loaded With Indoctrinating Comments?

No one seemed to bat an eye and or raise even the slightest controversial eyebrow twenty-one years ago when then President Ronald Reagan huddled a bunch of school-aged rugrats into the oval office and delivered a nationally televised "education" speech that was cluttered with blatant plugs for his administration's nascent policies and perceived achievements.

"One of the principal reasons we were able to get the economy back on track and create those new jobs and all was because we cut the taxes," he said to a roomful of squirmy youngsters who were probably wondering what the hell tax-talk had to do with doing well in school. He mentions "line item vetoes," gun control, and the need to "reaffirm our traditional moral values" by "turning on to helping" the "negro private colleges and universities."

Waaaaht? And people had their kids stay home and boycott their schools yesterday because Obama dared to talk about homework?

In case you missed Gustavo's KPFK broadcast yesterday, where he read a segment from Reagan's speech, here are a few appaling clips. Judge for yourselves. Who was the president who abused his podium to indoctrinate young minds with partisan politicized verbiage? (Here's a hint: he enjoyed near god status in OC).


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