Register's Watchdog Team Nabs Honor

Register's Watchdog Team Nabs Honor
​The folks over at The Orange County Register's OC Watchdog team submitted just four of their journalist accomplishments to a California Newspaper Publishers Association public service contest and deservedly won first place.

Those stories included revelations about:

--AIG partying at an Orange County resort hotel after taking a federal taxpayer bailout;
--A water district's ridiculous plan to increase employee pensions by $70 million in the midst of an economic collapse;
--Insight into how to catch a driver who committed a hit-and-run on a local toll road;
--The faultiness of a State Farm company attempt to sue an Orange County woman for an accident in Fresno.

Congratulations to Watchdog reporters: Teri Sforza, Jennifer Muir, Brian Joseph and Tony Saavedra.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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