Register to Foist 100-Strong "News Mob" on Angels Opener

There have been times in the history of our storied professional baseball franchise that Orange County Register beat reporters could not help but run into one another while covering the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels.

Yet, despite being one of the hottest tickets around (bless you, Mr. Pujols), there is an event greater chance ink-stained Santa Ana wretches will be stumbling over one another at the April 6 home opener.

Check out the following memo Reggie Angels editor Keith Sharon issued Tuesday (and LA Observed's dutifully posted shortly thereafter):

From: Keith Sharon
Date: March 27, 2012 5:58:53 a.m. PDT
To: Newsroom Assoc_OCR
Subject: The News Mob

(Note: if you want to get involved, contact Keith Sharon)

You've heard of the flash mob - surprise dancers at the mall.

You've heard of the cash mob - concentrated group of shoppers pump money into businesses.

You're about to see the first-ever News Mob.

On April 6, the Orange County Register will cover the Angels' Opening Day in Anaheim like no news organization has ever covered a baseball team. We will have more than 100 writers, editors, bloggers, photographers, videographers, graphic artists, designers, advertising representatives, marketing staff members and FANS working together to contribute to the Angels coverage for desktop web, mobile devices, ipad and in print that day (and throughout that weekend).

Since the Angels signed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson on Dec. 8, we have seen an incredible surge in interest among Angel fans, so we decided to try to match that surge with a News Mob approach - choreographed overwhelming focus of media resources. In other words, we're about to throw in our kitchen sink.

For one 24-hour period beginning April 6, we will unveil (just wait until you see the homepage at a massive number of Angels stories, blog posts, tweets, Facebook status updates, photographs and videos produced by journalists who usually cover business, rock n roll, television, movies, cities, police, trends, plastic surgery, celebrity gossip, social issues, Latino issues, travel, human interest, OC Moms, food, theater and, of course, sports.

Fans are already contributing photos and stories of their loyalty to the Angels. And some fans are submitting photos depicting their loyalty to other teams. If the off-season is any indication, we're about to witness the most intense, spirited, exciting and fun year in the history of the Angels.

The News Mob is coming.

Contact: Angels editor Keith Sharon

Consider yourselves warned, Halos.

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