Register Recalls OC's Woodstock

Interesting article this week in the Register about what the paper calls Orange County's Woodstock, an August 1968 two-day rock concert at the Orange County Fairgrounds.

Canned Heat, the Byrds, Jefferson Airplane and Tiny Tim headlined the show, which drew thousands of hippies and hundreds of cops. The story also mentions a concert a few years later in Laguna Beach that was organized by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a Laguna-based group of surfers who sent invitations to fellow travelers up and down the coast, each of which contained a tab of the group's trademark Orange Sunshine acid.

Unlike that show--which got a bit out of hand when a helicopter dumped a load of acid tabs on the crowd and ended when cops staged a military-style sweep aimed at pushing all the hippies out of town--the 1968 concert went much more smoothly.

You can read our stories about the Laguna concert and the Brotherhood here.



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