Register Readers Choking on Latino-Takeover Predictions

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBrian Joseph, the Register's Sacramento reporter, has an online story detailing predictions that "Hispanics will become Orange County's ethnic majority seven years earlier than previously projected, according to new state figures released Monday." Joseph says Hispanics will become the majority in OC in 2034 and that five years later the county will have more Asians and whites. By 2050, reports Joseph, California will be 52 percent Hispanic, 27 percent white and 13 percent Asian. The paper quotes Republican state Assemblyman Chuck DeVore saying the change won't impact local politics.

Register reader/bigots of all stripes are going nuts on the story. Comments posted online include:

• "Who will be supporting all the welfare babies?" • "Thank God I will be dead in 2050." • "Ha Ha. Too bad. So sad. All the brown people will have a clear majority over the racist lot that fill the OC. Maybe they can learn the fine character-building qualities of strawberry-picking." • "Great. Now the entire state and the beautiful county of Orange will be one big Mexican cesspool." • "I guess we'll be telling you what to do. Press 2 for English."


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