Red Meat, Hilariously Twisted Comic Strip, Returns to OC Weekly!

Remember the good ol' days of journalism--say, 2007, when all newspapers were fat, the cable TV in our office worked, and all alt-weeklies carried comic strips? Those were the days! In our infernal rag, we carried This Modern World (which was hilarious in its left-wing politics) and Troubletown (which wasn't, although I do like artist Lloyd Dangle's artistry), and I think we even ran Jack Chick's crazy Christian tracts for about two weeks before he wised up to our communism. But none was better than the insane, perverse, weird, and HILARIOUS Red Meat, written and drawn by Max Cannon and always fascinating, from the creepiness of Milkman Dan and the guy who looks like Steve Buscemi to Ted Johnson, the all-American dad who's a pervert at heart.

Then, in 2009 or so, we had to drop all our comics--budget and space constraint in the dead-tree edition. I've been lobbying to get Red Meat back ever since, and now that I'm the Mexican-in-Chief, I hereby announce its return to our paper!

Oh, we're still in the Great Recession 'round these parts--the comic is scrunched inside our Contents page, it'll help if you're near-sighted to read it, and I had to scrounge up every peso I could find in my desk to get it for a run. But nevertheless, I'm proud to have Red Meat back into the mix. Forgot its insanity? Here's last week's strip...

Red Meat, Hilariously Twisted Comic Strip, Returns to OC Weekly!


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