Red (County) Herring

Tan Nguyen is an unfortunate, foolish, racist man who did and continues to do unfortunate, foolish, racist things. But who cares? Don't get me wrong, the issue deserves coverage, especially from OC's homegrown authority on all things Mexican. But Tan is drawing all eyes to him - journalists and bloggers, Republicans and Democracts, conservatives and liberals. And, of course, foaming-at-the-mouth racists.

Seriously. Tan was never going to beat Loretta Sanchez. I suppose rallying the troops against him could really galvanize the left, but I'd like to think there are more interesting races to watch.

So what's with the obsession over Tan? Simple: he's a distraction - nothing but a top quality, Gustav-Anders-grade red herring whose idiocy distracts us from other races threatening Republican incumbents in this sinkhole of conservativism they call Orange County. Here's a sample platter:

Dana Rohrabacher (R) vs. Jim Brandt (D): Dana, we hardly know ye. We think you're Congressional material, despite your Taliban-friendly behavior and your globetrotting at the expense of special interests (with wifey in tow, who also happens to be your well-paid campaign manager - and isn't paying your wife like indirectly paying yourself?). Lucky for us Esquire magazine thinks differently. Here's their endorsement of Brandt from the Esquire Endorses America feature:

For kicking back and having a beer, going surfing, or maybe doing the swing shift for the Minutemen down on the border, Rohrabacher's your man. Otherwise, we are sad to say the act has worn thin.

John Campbell (R) vs. Steve Young (D): Young also picked up the Esquire endorsement. Why? Because of Campbell's blind loyalty to the White House, even now. Last year, during the special election that vaulted him into Congress, he said, "Of the leading candidates, I'm probably with the president on more issues than anyone else." Campbell puts the "ick" in lickspittle. Not only that, but he was helped into his Congressional chair by the Club for Growth, a PAC financed by Howard Rich. Rich is the primary financial backer behind Proposition 90, the Taxpayer Trap. Last year his Club for Growth injected Campbell's campaign with $120,000, and this year Campbell endorsed Prop 90 - an initiative that could cost the state billions. Tit for tat?

Ken Calvert (R) vs. Louis Vandenberg (D): Not only did Calvert get caught with a junkie whore's head in his lap, then lie to the police about it; not only was he named to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington's 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress list in September; not only is he in hot water both for shady land deals as well as garnering earmarks for campaign donors; but he's still at it. Earlier this year Calvert and his business partner Woodrow Harpole bought land in Jurupa, CA. The Jurupa Community Services District sold it to them without offering it to other state agencies first, which would be a sweet deal if it wasn't against state law. Think no-bid contract. Instead of the planned little-league field, Calvert the Canny plans to build a mini-storage business. No doubt he needs a place to stash his growing list of dirty secrets.


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