Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi Gets Slapped With an Arrest Warrant

Real Housewives of Orange County "star" Gretchen Rossi was expected to appear in court yesterday to deal with more legal drama involving her ex Jay Photoglou. (Namely, she's being sued for libel, slander and other things, and was ordered to fork over $40,000 for Photoglou's legal fees.)

Where was Gretch instead?

At Fashion Night Out in Henderson, Nevada, promoting herself, of course. 

According to, which has the "exclusive," a judge issued a warrant for her arrest at $2,500, but then cut her some slack, giving her until Sept. 15 to appear. If she fails to do so once again, she'll get a pair of very unfashionable handcuffs.  

Rossi didn't seem to be too concerned. She had other things on her mind, according to her Facebook status last night:  

"Omg! Freaking out right now! The bellhop lost the dress I was suppose to wear tonight! How the heck does a bellhop loose a dress on way to your room! And Slade wonders why I bring multiple outfits! It's for emergencies like this! Not Happy right now!"


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