Raising Salaries of Cal State University Execs is A-Okay, Lawmakers Decide

​We're beginning to lose count of the number of times public education advocates begin their "official statements" with something akin to "It's a sad day for education!" 

This time, the opener comes from Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco), whose bill to curb pay increases for college administrators was rejected this morning, just a day after trustees of the California State University system approved 10 percent boosts to two university presidents. (Cal State Fullerton's Mildred Garcia is getting her base salary bumped up to $324,500.)  

"It is another sad day for our students," Yee said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the Education Committee has sent the completely wrong message. Rather than stand up for students and faculty, they protected the 1 percent and condoned CSU's bad behavior. CSU students and California taxpayers deserve better than the status quo."

Senate Bill 967 received just four of the six votes needed for approval by the Senate Education Committee. The bill would prohibit pay hikes, along with increases in vehicle and housing allowances, for Cal State administrators for two years if student fees were being increased or budgets were being cut. It would also ask the University of California to follow the same restrictions, though the UC system is constitutionally independent.   

Yee may bring the bill back for a vote at a later date. 

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