Obviously not an Aryan...
Obviously not an Aryan...

Radio White, Infamous White-Power OC Internet Radio Station, Gone?

On a lark today, I decided to check up on the pendejo skins over at Radio White, the Orange-based Internet radio station which had been the nation's longest-running white-power broadcasting operation. This was the place where the gabacho race's dumbest and most meth-prone would gather to listen to Skrewdriver, talk about Mexicans, and share boring anecdotes. Really, it was boring radio save for the times when their big mouths got a host thrown in jail--but it was hugely influential in the white-power community and one of our gifts to America.

And now, it seems to have disappeared.

If you go to their former domain over at radiowhite.us, you get a bunch of gibberish talking about Caribbean vacations--HILARIOUS! A trip through the always-helpful Wayback Machine shows this has been the case since at least last summer--and that I haven't even thought of them earlier shows how pitiful Radio White's reach had become.

What happened? Did the folks give up on Mexican-filled Orange County and follow legendary skinhead Martin Cox to Idaho? Did the maroons or mulattoes or some other mud people take the domain name from the Radio White crew when they forgot to renew with Doteasy? Seems like the most likely answer--unless, like the cockroach race our skins are, they decided to go even more underground. Come out, come out wherever you pendejos are!


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