Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Week: OC Weekly Edition

Another Friday, another edition of Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week. As more than a few readers have noted, you don't have to read the Register to find racist comments. Increasingly, it seems, the knuckleheads are posting their bile on our website--even in the comments section of this very blog! In fact, perhaps because we don't censor the comments here, a lot of them are way more racist than anything you'll find in the Register.

Hmmm, that gives me an idea for how to salvage this column from being a predictable roundup of the pearls of wisdom continuously being spouted by the same group of illegals-obsessed crusty old Register readers. What follows are the top ten racist OC Weekly reader comments of all time, although they're listed in no particular order of offensiveness.

So let's get straight down to sickness in this week's edition of...

1) Asian students work hard, and as such are respect worthy.Caucasians need not fear them since Asians' ultimate goal is to be white. Black and Latino kids can't compete against Asians because they're having too much fun having sex and partying. To each his own.

2) Mexicans are a privileged class of bloodsuckers in the US, especially in California -- run the numbers on tax eating and tax contributions. They are why the state is broke.

3) How come all of Americas historic traitors have been Jews like this Mr. Pearlman? Remember the SS Liberty.

4) Let's obliterate Huntington Beach and its Neo-Nazi garbage gene pool. Thats exactly where the Reconquista should begin that way I can get my beach front canton along with some gabacho slaves who will do my gardening, babysit my 12 kids, wash my Chevy, cook my frijoles, and bend over like no other contortionist ever has.

5) I remember a time before any mexicans moved to California. Those were the days. What made them want to come here anyway? Probably the Democrats and their liberal policies, welcoming them with open arms.

6) Fact is, white folks built America, and we -- meaning people like 'good white man' are letting the 'Latinos' drag it down until it is just another cess pool like the rest of 'Latin America'. They ruined LA -- after we did the hard work of building up the po-dunk Spanish-Mexican city. Now they are streaming out of there into OC, becuase like all places where whites live it was decent. But they are wrecking that too.

7) As a White American, I'm tired of Jews flooding our country with immigrants, bringing in H1 visa workers to take our jobs, offshoring millions of jobs, fleecing our national treasure thru the Jew ran Federal Reserve, fabricating unnecessary wars for Israel's gain, and destroying our Constitution thru the Patriot Act and various other spurious legislation those signing it have not even read. This is our country, schmucko, and we're taking it back.

8) Mexicans are scum and contribute nothing to this country. The USC student was killed by a Mexican also!! Look at their neighborhoods, the yard are trashy, dirty, weed filled. They have no self respect, why are they going to respect others. Mexicans are a weak cowardly race.

9) A great majority of the California prison population is non-white. Negroes and wetbacks make up 78% of the California prison population. The U.S. total prison population is 70% negroes and wetbacks. The U.S. is the only country in the world where the racial majority is not the majority in prisons.

10) This negro needs to be horsewhipped and lynched.

You get to choose which of the above comments gets the dubious honor of being the most racist OC Weekly reader's comment of all time. And extra credit to anyone who correctly guesses the original topic these boneheads are commenting about. Good luck!


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