Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by CRANKITUP: Take a close look at the picture in the headline. Is that what you want California to look like. Btw anyone who tells you that illegals are unable to vote in this election are lying through their teeth it's one of the reasons the sign this dirt bag is holding imploring Mexicans to vote is written in Spanish.

Comment by SCBEACHGOER: Shocker! they just want freebies. Do they really think Jerry Brown or NObama will give them a passport for freedom? Same ol' crap. The republicans need to jump on the "I love hispanic" crap. Don't you get it, no one cares about you or me in politics, no one is going to take care of your "people" ,  but by lying they line their own pockets with lots of Latino tax money!

Comment by UNCLEBILL

: republicans- work for your money, democrates- we'll give you free money, Hispanics- strong democrate supporters. SURPRISE MOTHER F'Rs!!!!!!

Comment by SANITYNOW: Now what does that sign say??? That photo was taken iun Tijauana right? It would be in English if it was in the US?

Comment by SURFCITYRED: Ignorance is bliss. The Latinos are falling for the same old smelly fish the blacks fell for. The "politics-of-envy" is the big lie the democRATs push every time. If Latinos were informed (and most blacks and Latinos are not) they would realize that the American Dream can only be realized if they reject the socialist ideas and ideology of the new democrat "progressive" party... It's the "have not's" against the "haves"....just like the Three LIttle Pigs fairy tale. Ignorant Latinos will end up with the same crooked leaders they left in Mexico.

Comment by MARCUS: Well put. The '40 acres and a mule' campaign style has worked well for them.



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