Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by KLOOTZAAK: Why isn't there anyone in santa mexiana doing anything about the constant crime ocurring on a daily basis. If mexicans want people to except them perhaps they need to clean up their act. Don't be cowards.

Comment by TANDMMONTE: be for you start talking about mexicans REAL mexicans don't act like this..!! these are illegals who have infested our city to continue to destroy this city. you can thank mayor pulido for our situation...!!!!!

Comment by SHARJA

: Hey, Loretta Sanchez, is this what you envisioned for the United States with "migrants"

Comment by WILLABY: Full on Latino area. I once went through there lost and even the high schoolers knew I could be killed just for asking directions out of there

Comment by TAKEITNOMORE: I will start this comment with teh following disclaimer.
This is Sarcasm. If you can't grasp that you either don't understand the word, or can't read English beyond a third grade level. With that being said...

Step 1
Build fence around the city
Step 2
Let only those with legal status and no criminal record exit
Step 3
Nuke it!


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