Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by DEMANDNOAMNESTY: all I have to say is remember in November. Do not vote for anyone that is soft on Illegal immigration, nor anyone with a hispanic last name....

by doing these two things, we can put control of the house back where it belongs and strip it from Ocommie and his minions

Comment by WEONES: Can you please let in the Latinos that play beisbol berry berry good.

Comment by ENIGMA1996: Freakin' idiots always protesting and causing traffic congestion like they did a few weeks ago in Costa Mesa....Get back in line just like all the people across the world waiting to get proper documentation to get to America. Go Arizona!!!!

Comment by GOTSURF: I posted an article about some illegals raping a teenage girl and people gave me a thumbs down. Wow! I cant believe people would support these illegal. Its probably rapists and child molesters that gave my previous post the thumbs down. This wouldn't have happened to the poor girl if we gave these illegals the boot and kept them out.

Comment by OCMAN714: They should deport ll the ones holding these signs. Don't these people realize they are like cockroaches we need to get rid of them before it gets worse but how much more worse can it get they are everywhere


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