Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by ASHTONSMOM2009: Santa Ana again?? LOL now is a family thing!! get rid of these illegals and send them back to their country where they belong. these people are disgusting!! she shoots and kills a 3yrs old dad right in front of him and his mom. shes a winner!! look at both of these people! i wonder how proud the parents are?? or maybe the parents are just like them??

Comment by BUBBAJELLY: who said they are illegal? Maybe the person shot was illegal and the child was an anchor baby. Is that ok?

Comment by KIKIROCKS: A shining example of Santa Ana's finest! We need to learn that our own culture is being drowned in a mire of "other" cultures. While we let criminals (illegal aliens) walk our streets and thumb their noses at our laws, we are helping to create a whole new lawless society.

Comment by ENGLISHLOVER30: When I worked as a Store Manager, I showed these people who's country it is. The person came in asking for someone who spoke Spanish, and I said, "No one." The person later brought someone who could translate from Spanish to English. By having bilingual in English and Spanish on a job description, it defeats the purpose of "equal opportunity." Also the employer is being a traitor to the U.S. and favoring a latino instead of complying with the Civil Rights Act.

Comment by LOVETHTCULTURE: choot, waz de talkin bouts. Dis is our culture, yuz gotz to accepts it. Loretta "Dirty" Sanchez says so.

Comment by APACHEWARRIOR: Thank you U.S. government for allowing the scum of Mexico in the U.S. Our own government is destroying this country!

Comment by LHGURL: Good...more trash taken off the streets.

Comment by RALLYMONKEYROCKS: Please flush TWICE, it's a long way to Santa Ana.


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