Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: From Illegal Immigrant to Businesswoman

Comment by WEIRDTIME: You've got a lot of guts CINDY CARCAMO for putting this story out. Illegals aren't very much welcome in this neck of the woods and you go on to glorify this criminal behavior. Have no intentions of wasting my time with reading every word- the headline is annoying and a slap in the face to every responsible US citizen in and of itself.

Comment by WATEROTTER: Santa Ana would be a much better place if all of the immigrants there were as ambitious as Flor. She may have stayed for the opportunities available to her, but at least she came here with a purpose. This is her country now, and my hat's off to her.

Comment by GIMMEABREAK1: "Our purpose was clear: Learn the language and leave," she said. "But then the doors kept opening for us, and the opportunities kept coming." So whose fault is this? WE ASK FOR IT. And we've got it. And our society is in the toilet.

Comment by GARDOG01

: Come on all you mean illegal immigration haters. What is wrong with you? Take a drive through Santa Ana. It's a beautiful city that has been enriched by the uneducated, unskilled, baby-making, pubic assistance abusing illegal aliens. Just look what the wonderful Mexican culture has done for crime, inner city blight and public assistance programs in Santa Ana and California in general. These people are wonderful, productive, giving citizens. Don't you want more?

Comment by ALTEREGO58: I guess this is a story because it is an immigration anomaly. I agree with GARDOG01. Just look at the rat hole Santa Ana has become because of illegal immigration. Thirty years ago, it was a nice family oriented community - no mas.


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