Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by STOPCRIME: Just deport this guy please.

Comment by JOHNNYDILZNIK: Now they need to do a psych eval on all the other illegal immigration activist/traitor/scumbags.

Comment by CHANCHES: Oy!!

Comment by FREELOADERS: Yeah, like we need more illegal alien lovers voted in office!

Comment by DIANEC: If the U.S. would have built a big fence back in the 1930's. These Mexican illegals would not have had these anchor babies here! Nativo Lopez is probably a Mexican with an American birth certificate he had no business having! His loyalty is to Mexico and he uses the United States to his advantage like most Anchor babies do. These Mexicans won't even live in their homeland. They get sick there.

Comment by IZZZ OK: This load mouth Mexican was just fine until he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was always a trouble-making phony from hte get go....I say, try him and then put him in the joint...where he always belonged....

Comment by GWESTLIE: This fools title is wrong. It should read: Illegal alien criminal sympathizer, not immigration rights activist. Enough with the politically correct BS. We're sick and tired of it. And yeah, "WE'RE", meaning us Americans.

Comment by EUROAMERICAN: We need to fight for our communities and strongly oppose this mexican racism. One simple step is not to eat at Mexican restaurants.

Comment by BG: Or have them do your lawns, babysitting, painting....etc....

Comment by DAN: Where is Loretta Sanchez, the corrupt Latina lawmaker who used Nativo to throw the election her way in 1996? None of this really matters; California is doomed. The Hispancs elect whoever wil open the public checkbook for them (Brown & Boxer).


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