Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Woman Got Welfare Illegally for 9 Kids

Comment by REALIST58: I wonder how many Aurelia Ramirez's there are per square mile in California, a million anchor babies brings is killing this great nation. :(

After the anchor baby rip off is finally taken away we need to go after the Asian community that does the same thing just much quieter.

Comment by ALEX92651

: Santa Ana should be bulldozed and then planted with citrus.

Comment by SNRVINOC: Here here

Comment by NOCENTS: Who will pick the citrus? Then here we go again. Naah Bad idea...

Comment by OBAMAFUSCATION: The Human Garbage of the 3rd world Cesspool strikes again.....

Comment by AMERICANMESTIZO: Have you been to Perris California lately? Mexican women pushing baby strollers EVERYWHERE!

Comment by MR10OF10: It's the actual mayor that needs to go. Miguel Pulido in Santa Ana. He keeps trying to make this mess even bigger with high rise tenanment housing. They are vile and discusting places with dirty diapers, stained black sidewalks & vending trucks galore...I had a taco truck in front of my house for 3 months. It was horrible and dirty.

Comment by SUPERROOSTER: Culture.

Comment by JEFFCALI: I see them all the time walking the sidewalks with 2-3 kids, one in a stroller and pregnant again with another.


then people will complain that we can't deport her because the kids are "american" and they don't know anything else.

boohooohooooo.....ship them ALL back and let's clean up our country.


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