Racist OC Register Reader Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by V22FOREVER: I cannot believe that one person can change a law which was legally voted into existence by a huge majority of citizens, just because they feel like it. This is wrong. Legislating from the bench is why we should be throwing these judges out of work.

No Homos,
No Illegals,
No Gun Grabbers,

Comment by NOMERCY4DUI: To all you gays and friends and families who are celebrating this decision as a victory: I hope to see you there supporting the polygamist's right to marry the way they want...Or those that want to marry an animal...Or those that want to marry a 12 year old...If you aren't then you are no better than those you accuse of taking away YOUR "right" to marry as you wish...

Comment by PUNISHER14: I know some really manly squeaky voiced guys (mike tyson), and some really feminine guys who look pretty tough (Mel Gibson, homosexual for sure). I think homosexuals get "sold" on the idea afer getting burned in heterosexual relationships. I swear it has sounded appealing more than once to me also. Except the part about puttin your dipstick in the exhaust pipe.

SOUNDOFF2: Prop 8 overturned on Obama's birthday. It was a really bad day to be an intolerant redneck. 

Comment by OHYEAHWELL: I'm don't even feel compelled to make an intellectual argument against gay marriage. I just don't like it and don't want them in my tribe. Go be gay and frolicsome somewhere else like on the San Andreas fault where Frisco and Palm Springs are. Intellect locked in a groove hits a dead end when one constructs carefully throughtout "logic" to the point where eventually nothing means anything and anything means nothing. Do you have a logical reason for my "bias" or could it be that I'm just not that into magenta?

Comment by RYUKAGE: What's that supposed to mean?

Comment by THRICE: I think he is trying to say the san andreas fault is gay

Comment by BOBBARNETT: Biggest nitwit yet on this board

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: i want some taquitos.


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